The Best Way to Hide Drywall Flaws

drywall-repairWhich home doesn’t have scars? Drywall defects are actually an eye-sore. Some imperfections are due to bad drywall installation. But many wall flaws just happen over the years. Or you move to a new home and simply know that the ex-tenants were artwork lovers by having a hard time counting the holes in the wall. The question is what do you do when the drywall looks more like emmental cheese? Or when small drywall dents indicate the age of your home?

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Drywall vs Plaster: Why You Should Choose Drywall

Drywall-InstallationShould you opt for plaster or drywall installation? That is the question. And there is not a straight-forward answer either. That’s because personal preferences are as different as family budgets. With that said, consider that the price tags are different. The aesthetic results depend on which materials are used and the painting service as well. But as an overall, both options have strengths and weaknesses. So before you take the big step and decide which one to choose, take a minute to discover more about these two building materials.

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