Drywall: What is Skim Coating Level 5?

Skim coating 5 is the highest level of drywall finishing. It’s the method to finish drywall and create the smoothest possible surface. Isn’t that what we all want? But here is the breaking news: skimming coating level 5 is not broadly used. And so we can’t help but wondering why we don’t insist on finishing drywall with skim coat!

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The Best Tips to Avoid Drywall Texturing Mistakes

wall plasterThe last stage of drywall finishing is painting or texturing. Although this last phase seems to be the easiest one after the tiring drywall installation, taping, mudding, and sanding, it’s not. Which are the main problems here? If you prefer smooth walls and thus just a regular residential painting, you run the risk of exposing the small imperfections of drywall. But then again, if you opt for texturing drywall, you run the risk of concealing these imperfections. Albeit many people would prefer drywall texturing for this reason alone, it doesn’t make much sense either.

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