The Importance of Drywall Sanding

Sanding_DrywallYour interior walls are most likely drywall. You might decide to use a flat paint or install tiles to decorate them. Every wall décor idea is welcomed but in order not to be challenging, the overall drywall installation should be done right. This includes sanding drywall properly too. If not, imperfections will either show under the flat residential painting or keep you from installing tiles.

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The Difference between Type X and C Drywall

Type x drywallSince drywall installation is common practice, knowing the differences between the main fire-rated products is imperative. Let’s point out one main thing: due to the water composition in gypsum, all drywall types retard the spread of fire to a degree. But type X and type C drywall are both specifically designed to resist fire and thus increase safety. So should you just pick either off the shelf? No. There are differences between the two products. And even if you plan to hire a drywall contractor for the job, it’s vital to know the basic distinctions. Here we are going to draw the line between type x and c drywall to help you understand the differences.

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