All You Need to Know about Painting Drywall

painting serviceIf you are not in the painting service business, you will find that taking a brush and adding layers of color on the wall is not how you paint walls. As a matter of fact, when it comes to drywall, you need to pay attention. Why? Because drywall is no plaster. Even if your drywall is rather thick, it might have some cracks here and there. There is no point of covering imperfections or problems with color. Let alone that it is absorbent.

So, what’s the rule number one when it comes to painting drywall?

Drywall repair, patching, taping…

Drywall repair is imperative before painting. One would think that a small drywallnail hole will hide under a couple of hands of coating. But they usually don’t. Don’t forget that drywall is most likely made of paper. The smallest nail will create some damage and thus would need patching first. Not to mention large holes or big cracks or bad taping. Everything damaged should be fixed before you even consider colors.

Good prep work allows for proper drywall painting

Drywall PaintingShould you start your residential painting mission? The first thing you should do before such tasks is prep for painting. That’s important if you want to do the job right. And unless you don’t mind cleaning for a week. You need to cover the entire floor taken that you have removed all furniture from the room and put tape around electrical outlets and around moldings.

Don’t grab your brush just yet. You might need drywall sanding. That’s important if the surface is not smooth. For the color to adhere better and look impressive, you need to sand drywall. You shouldn’t it over-sand either because you might cause damage. Sanding creates lots of dust. So you need to bust the dust and clean well your drywall. The room must be ventilated properly or the dust will sit on your freshly painted drywall.

Prime or not prime drywall?

With sanding and hole patching, drywall finishing has come to an end. And now what? Should you prime or not? If this is a new drywall, it’s necessary. Primers are also helpful on drywalls painted with glossy coatings. What primers do is help the final paint to adhere well. Remember that drywall is absorbent because it is porous. If you apply a primer, you will also make your life easier. Don’t worry. Primers dry easy on drywall. Primers also conceal tape and mud. So that’s another good reason for using them.

Are you sure you don’t need a painting contractor?

Prefer rollers and brushes over sprays, which will make a mess in the room. As for your paint options, many people prefer flat latex because it is easier to apply but higher seen finish is cleaned easier. Another good option is satin finishes, not too glossy and elegant. Remember to have enough paint for two hands; if you apply a primer, you don’t need a third coating. But wait till the first coating dries before you apply the second one.

One last advice: this might sound like a fun task but it is not and certainly absorbs lots of time. So don’t it in a hurry. If you lack the time and skills, call a painting company to do the job for you. You will pay for the labor but the results are worth the cost.

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