Drywall Texture Choices to Spruce up Your Home

Drywall-TexturesLet’s talk about drywall texture, your choices, and how you can spruce up the home, shall we? Texturing drywall might sound too passé to those with contemporary homes. But the popcorn pattern is not the only drywall finishing option. As a matter of fact, there are numerous textures for drywall in all rooms, styles, and interior design preferences. Some can actually be extremely modern or help you enhance the industrial look of your home. And although only a specialized painting contractor can tell you what choices you have in your home, check out some great options.

  • Old world drywall texture is the best solution for all of you who would prefer a smooth wall but won’t mind a splash of texture.
  • A similar idea would be the skip trowel texture. In this case, a tool is used to create distinct circle-like lines.
  • Now, if the lines are made in a straight way and at several levels, what you get is a hawk and trowel texture.
  • Santa Fe drywall textures feature two layers of mud and look as if one is overlapping the other.
  • Splatter knockdown options have the mud splashed randomly and then the wall is knocked down with a knife.
  • Swirl drywall patterns feature half circles, which semi-cover one another.

This is a short list of drywall textures, which will provide some architectural interest in the room, without screaming for the visitor’s attention. That’s compared to textures, which have sharper lines, like the orange peel or the popcorn style. In fact, these styles are passé now and mostly used in very traditional homes or in rooms with high ceilings and classic interior decoration.

Drywall textures might differ between regions

Always remember that residential painting techniques and textures vary from one area to the other. Textures present slight differentiations to meet the interior habits and culture of each region. And so the peaks of mud might be longer or shorter. The small bumps and gaps created during texturing will also vary based on the painting company’s techniques and the craftsmanship of the tech.

Why drywall finishing needs texturing

One major advantage of texturing drywall is to hide defects. If drywalldrywall repair service installation hasn’t been done perfectly, it might have some depressions or bulges. After all, drywall texturing is all about making the surface a little bit rougher or using mud to create raised peaks. Although the levels of smoothness and roughness are defined by the texture technique, they all create uneven surfaces and thus hide drywall imperfections.

These multi-dimensional patterns add character to the home. The good news is that you can get plenty of ideas from your painting and drywall contractor but you can also use your imagination. The tools can be used in all sorts of ways and directions to create the desired visual effect. What you choose depends on your personal aesthetic preferences and the home décor. It’s safer to opt for low profile textures that are closer to the smooth wall effect. Why? They add spice without stealing the glory from furniture and other interior trims and architectural details. But simply think of salt & pepper! How tasty food will be without the main spices? That’s true for your interior decorating endeavors too. Add the main drywall texture flavors and let elegance set in.

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