Drywall vs Plaster: Why You Should Choose Drywall

Drywall-InstallationShould you opt for plaster or drywall installation? That is the question. And there is not a straight-forward answer either. That’s because personal preferences are as different as family budgets. With that said, consider that the price tags are different. The aesthetic results depend on which materials are used and the painting service as well. But as an overall, both options have strengths and weaknesses. So before you take the big step and decide which one to choose, take a minute to discover more about these two building materials.

Things to know about drywall

One of the things most homeowners appreciate is the low price of drywall. The bad news is that construction builders appreciate low price tags too. And so not all drywall is the best quality ever. 5 drywall finish is the best for durable results. Consider it like drywall plastering.

What is drywall? As you probably know, this is the material which consists of two sheets that are usually made of paper and sandwich gypsum. Most panels are found in 4 x 8 ft. and in several thicknesses.

Drywall prosDrywall

  • Easy to install
  • They can be cut to fit
  • Based on type, drywall isolates noise
  • Based on type, drywall is fire-resistant
  • Drywall repair can be easily done
  • Provides insulation
  • Easy to hang things

Drywall cons

  • Susceptible to water damage
  • If improperly installed, fasteners are visible
  • Gets damaged easier than plaster

Things to know about plaster

Plaster was broadly used several decades back. The material was applied over lath whereas most builders use blue board instead today. The wood strips actually act as the frame and bond tightly with the plaster to create a solid mass.

Plaster prosPlaster

  • Very durable
  • Fire resistant
  • Sound-proof
  • Greater air barrier
  • As long as it is installed correctly, it’s hard to get damaged

Plaster cons

  • Hard to build
  • Improper installation causes cracks
  • Hard to hang things
  • More expensive
  • Plastering is time-consuming
Our verdict? Opt for drywall

There is no doubt that plaster has great properties and so many advantages. But with a trusted drywall contractor, you get the best quality sheetrock and many benefits too. Plaster is now considered the material for vintage homes. But due to the lower price of drywall, more and more people prefer this building material. Higher demand resulted to more solutions. Today, drywall materials have been improved dramatically. You can get paperless drywall and choose the material you want based on application – it depends on whether you want to invest in water- and fire-resistant materials.

Drywall finishing is not just easier but you have many painting options too. You can choose from a range of textures and colors to get the wall décor you want. And since frugal options are always attractive, consider that the most expensive drywall is cheaper than plaster. That’s because drywall is installed easier and faster. And so you don’t have to pay for the extra labor hours. For the same reason, you don’t have to wait to install drywall whereas plaster needs some drying time. Since it’s harder to install, plaster needs expert pros for the job. With that said, let’s also point out that drywall should also be installed by pros to be fitted correctly. And so you will still need to find a drywall company but the overall cost will be less while the results will still be astonishing.

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