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Drywalls have become the number one choice for both walls and ceilings. They are energy efficient, practical, and both fire and water resistant. But it all depends on the materials you use, the quality of the drywall, and any required drywall service. When you leave related services to our company, you can have peace of mind knowing that Perfection Drywall and Painting will take care of you.

We use the most appropriate drywalls for each room of your house or commercial property to ensure resistance. Our company uses the best materials and coatings so that there won’t be a negative impact on your health. The techs from our company prepare the room and bring along the necessary equipment to reach high ceilings, hang drywall, and do drywall services in Los Angeles to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Call us for all drywall services! What we offer:

  • Drywall repair in case there is a hole or problem with the joints and tapes of the existing drywall. Did you install recessed lighting in the ceiling and there is a gap left open or damage on the drywall? Call us to fix it. Are you redecorating the living room and found too many nail holes on the wall? Call us to do the required patch repair work. We offer drywall repair service in LA, California, quickly.
  • Drywall installation. Do you plan to renovate one of the rooms in the house? Are you remodeling the basement or office? If you want to install a new drywall, we are the men for the job. We hang both drywall ceilings and walls making sure the joints are taped right and the new drywalls are stable and beautiful.
  • We also provide drywall plastering in Los Angeles to make your walls even stronger. Our techs take care of problems with existing drywall and make sure any holes are covered, the joints are well-taped, and any groove is filled before plaster is applied for smooth results.
  • We can finish your drywall by painting it with the color of your choice. All products we use, the coatings included, are friendly to the environment and perfectly healthy for you and your pets.

At our local company, we give gravity to your health, requirements, hectic schedule and safety and do all Los Angeles drywall services by the book and on time. You can trust our work and the commitment of everyone on our staff and call us if you need our help. We will be happy to take care of your drywalls or install new ones.

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